FCAHS Receives Exxon Grant

posted Feb 21, 2019, 5:49 AM by Shelley Burge   [ updated Feb 21, 2019, 5:49 AM ]

Pine Belt Oil representative Jim Burge presented FCAHS a math and science grant awarded to by the Exxon corporation. Mr. Johnson accepted the award.  Thank you, Exxon!

Exxon Grant Jim Burge

USM Recruiter Visits Seniors

posted Feb 18, 2019, 12:42 PM by Shelley Burge   [ updated Feb 18, 2019, 12:42 PM ]

USM Recruiter Kayla Weathers visited FCAHS seniors who have been accepted to the Southern Miss 2019 freshman class.  Congratulations to all!

FCAHS Seniors 2019 USM

Hispanic Flamenco Ballet

posted Feb 18, 2019, 11:42 AM by Shelley Burge   [ updated Feb 18, 2019, 12:06 PM ]

Flamenco dancer

Spanish teacher Nohemi Martinez accompanied a group of about 50 FCAHS students to the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet at the Petal Performing Arts Center on February 15.  Dancers performed a variety of Hispanic dances, including the tango, flamenco, capoeira, and salsa. At the end of the performance, students from each school were invited to dance on stage.  The Hispanic Flamenco Ballet travels across the United States sharing their beautiful artistry with the public.  This is a definite must-see if you can catch a performance next year! See slideshow and videos below. 

Hispanic Flamenco Ballet 2019










Jump Start 2019

posted Feb 8, 2019, 6:45 AM by Shelley Burge   [ updated Feb 8, 2019, 7:07 AM ]

Jump Start Logo

On Thursday, February 8th FCAHS freshmen attended Jump Start to Sucess sponsored by the Hattiesburg Area Development Partnership.  Jumpstart to Success is an interactive career expo geared toward 9th-grade students in Forrest, Lamar and Perry Counties that encourages them to take the first steps in planning for their future. This program hosts over 1,000 area students and provides them with a glimpse of workplace realities while educating them about the various opportunities that are available in industries throughout the region.

Jump Start 2019

National School Counseling Week

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National School Counseling Week Logo

This week, schools around the country have celebrated National School Counseling Week.  FCAHS would like to thank our counseling staff for all they do for our students!  They go above and beyond to make a difference.  

On Wednesday of this week, our counseling staff turned the tables and provided the FCAHS staffulty with an ice cream buffet to show their appreciation for the staffulty and to highlight the work that school counselors do.  

Susan Rushing
Thelma Keith and Charlotte Lea

FCAHS Science Teacher Wins Grant

posted Jan 25, 2019, 6:45 AM by Shelley Burge   [ updated Jan 25, 2019, 6:46 AM ]

Forrest County Agricultural High Schoool science teacher Della Morgan received a Mississippi Power Environmental Education Grant.  Mississippi Power awarded over $12,000 to 19 teachers this year.  Mrs. Morgan's grant will allow students to study how to make biofuels out of biomass.  Mrs. Morgan is a second-year teacher who holds a master's degree in education from William Carey University and a bachelor's degree from Mississippi State University.  This is the second grant she has received for her students at FCAHS. 

Della Morgan science teacher
Mrs. Morgan with her calf, Mistletoe.
The Morgans run a cattle ranch in Lucedale, MS.  

Sophomore Ryn Pope Wins Second in State for Artwork

posted Jan 25, 2019, 6:29 AM by Shelley Burge   [ updated Feb 8, 2019, 6:32 AM ]

Congratulations to Ryn Pope who won 2nd place in the statewide Promote the Vote art competition sponsored by Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann.  Ryn competed in the Piney Woods Region (10th-12th division) with her piece that depicted a Hattiesburg mural.  Students were asked to "pretend they are an artist who has been commissioned to draw a mural on a building in their community depicting their community."  Ryn is a sophomore at Forrest County Agricultural High School.

State winners will be recognized in Jackson on February 21 by Secretary Hosemann.  

Promote the Vote winner                 Rynn Pope sophomore

Jared Daley Recognized by National Football Foundation

posted Jan 25, 2019, 5:42 AM by Shelley Burge   [ updated Jan 25, 2019, 5:42 AM ]

The Mississippi Gulf Coast chapter of the National Football Foundation presented Jared Daley with a plaque in recognition of his athletic, academic, and leadership skills. The National Football Foundation began recognizing scholar-athletes in 1959.  Jared is a senior offensive lineman at FCAHS and has played varsity football as for the Aggies for 4 years.  

Jared Daley scholar-athlete

2nd 9-weeks Aggie PRIDE Celebration Recognizes 260 Top Students

posted Jan 17, 2019, 8:26 AM by Shelley Burge   [ updated Jan 17, 2019, 8:33 AM ]

Mug of hot chocolate

The FCAHS Aggie PRIDE Team recognized 260 students for good attendance, behavior, and grades.  Students enjoyed a hot chocolate buffet and cookies.  Eligible students had 3 or fewer absences, 2 or fewer minor discipline referrals, and A's, B's, and C's or better. Congratulations to all who qualified, and thank you to the faculty and staff who made the event a success.  Go Aggies!

2nd 9-weeks Aggie PRIDE Celebration

FCAHS Student Josiah Wheat Receives Award in National Competition

posted Jan 10, 2019, 6:51 AM by Shelley Burge   [ updated Jan 10, 2019, 6:51 AM ]

From Press Release:

NGPF Announces Honorable Mention Winners in 
2nd Annual PAYBACK Challenge

PALO ALTO, California, January 8, 2019 - Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), a non-profit committed to ensuring that ALL students leave high school with the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly complex financial world, is pleased to announce two students from Mississippi have received an Honorable Mention Award in their second annual PAYBACK Challenge.

Congratulations to Josiah Wheat from Forrest County Agricultural High School (Brooklyn) and Morgan Horstman from West Lauderdale High School (Collinsville)!

Over 800 students from all across the United States submitted essays earlier last fall. After playing the award-winning college finance game, PAYBACK, students wrote a 250-word essay answering one of these questions:

How has the PAYBACK game changed your perspective on the real-life decisions you will make when paying for college?


What steps can you take NOW in order to complete college with as little debt as possible?

Teachers nominated the best student essay from their classes. NGPF staff then reviewed the submitted essays, judging them based on the following criteria:

● Provides a complete and clear answer to the question

● Indicates an understanding of key concepts learned by playing the game PAYBACK

● Articulates thoughts in a creative manner

Each of the Honorable Mention winners will receive a $500 award from NGPF to be used for educational purposes. NGPF will announce the PAYBACK Challenge National Grand Prize winners on Thursday, January 10, 2019.

“Over 100,000 students played PAYBACK during the contest period,” noted NGPF Co-Founder, Tim Ranzetta. “It was great to see the impact this game had on students’ attitudes and actions as they decide on their educational path after high school. Thanks to the educators who engaged with their students by bringing PAYBACK to their classrooms and facilitating the amazing conversations that followed. With student debt at record levels, these conversations are more critical than ever.

Here’s how a few students explained what they learned after playing PAYBACK:

Anything I can do to prepare myself for the massive debt I will incur in college. Nothing sounds more disheartening than spending years pulling myself out of a vortex of quicksand, where no matter how much I pay off, more and more debt still pulls me back under.

"Before I played PAYBACK, I thought of college debt as a problem dealt with after college. However, now I have learned that there are steps to be taken even before college that will drastically reduce the debts I have later in my life.

"I always used to assume that college was some untouchable monolith of an institution that was designed to chew you up and spit you out, penniless or worse. After paying the game, I now realize that there are far more options than just being stuck with debt for years following.

In April 2018, PAYBACK received a Webby Award for best Social Impact game and is a free game available at

About Next Gen Personal Finance:

Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), has become the "one-stop shop" for financial educators looking for high-quality, engaging curriculum to equip students with skills to thrive in their future. In terms of reach, fifty percent (50%) of U.S. high school students attend a school where a teacher is using NGPF’s curriculum. NGPF’s commitment to teachers is evidenced by their “50 in 50” campaign to bring a one-day FinCamp to every state during the 2018-19 school year. NGPF has been recognized by Common Sense Education as a “Top Website for Teachers to Find Lesson Plans.”

PAYBACK Fast Facts:

Created by McKinney, digital agency based in Durham, North Carolina, in collaboration with Next Gen Personal Finance

● Featured in NY Times

● Played by over 500,000 since launch in fall of 2017

● Average play session: over 15 minutes

PAYBACK Graduate Rates Completion Rate: 67% graduation rate with the following situations:

● Healthy debt (43% of total players)

● Graduate school (11%)

● Too much debt (10%)

● Low connections (3%)

PAYBACK Dropout Rate: 33%. Here were the main reasons:

● Low focus (22% of total players)

● Low happiness (8%)

● Low connections (3%)

Media Contact Tim Ranzetta Next Gen Personal Finance 650-218-8408

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