Staffulty Talent Show

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The Aggie PRIDE Team sponsored a staffulty talent show the day before Thanksgiving break.  Thank you to everyone who participated and to our wonderful crowd!  It was tons of fun!

Baby Shark

Senorita Martinez's Flute Performance

Bohemian Rhapsody

Mrs. Burge sings "Crazy"

Ms. Daniels and Mrs. Mascagni: Guitar and Sax Duet--Maroon 5

Aggie BASH: 1st 9-Week Term

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2018-2019 1st Quarter Aggie BASH

Homecoming Week Highlights

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FCAHS Attendance Letter

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An Open Letter to Our FCAHS Students, Parents and Community:  

Forrest County Agricultural High School has a long legacy of achieving great things.  We strive to be the best. Whether it be academics, arts, athletics, or alumni achievements, FCAHS takes pride in what we do. We like to be number one.  Unfortunately, our school is number one at something we aren’t proud of: absences.  FCAHS has the highest percentage of chronic absenteeism per student in the entire state.  Students, parents, stakeholders, we want to change this, and we need your help.  Not only is attendance tied to student achievement, but it is also tied to funding. In order to provide the best education possible, we need students to be here. Below are some ways we feel we can improve our attendance problem and have the BEST attendance in the state.

  1. Students, know that your attendance matters because YOU matter!  We want you to succeed in life and do great things, so we need you here each and every day to learn and grow. Commit to coming to school every day.  

  2. Parents, make appointments for your child for after school hours.  

  3. Students, limit checkouts, but check in as early as possible and check out as late as possible. Check-ins and check-outs count as absences if students miss more than 37% of the day, which is a little more than 1 class period.

  4. Parents, make sure your child has a reliable way to get to school.  Have a plan in place if your child misses his ride or the car breaks down.  

  5. Students, take good care of yourself:  get a good night’s rest, exercise and eat well.  If you feel well, you’ll feel like tackling the day instead of staying home.

  6. Students, get involved on campus.  Join a club or a team, and you’ll enjoy your time at FCAHS even more.

Please let us know if we can help your family in any way.  FCAHS is committed to every student that walks through our doors.  


FCAHS Administration, Teachers, and Staff

“Improving lives, families, and communities--one Aggie at a time.”

Slide with 5 and Cash for Attendance!

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slides dollar signsbaseball cap
Today begins our school attendance promotion “Slide with 5." Students who attend school Monday thru Thursday will get to slide on Hats and Shoes on Fridays! First block teachers will keep up with the attendance and will hand out student perfect attendance armbands to wear on Friday. Any student who is not wearing an armband must be in dress code approved footwear and may not wear a hat inside. Students will have a different color armband and must still pay $1 to participate in the Aggie Pride Jean Day Friday Fundraiser.
Aggie Pride is the proud sponsor of the FREE CASH DRAWING for perfect attendance during October and November. All students who have perfect attendance at the end of each month will be entered into a drawing for $50.00.

Miss USO Scholarship Pageant

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Miss USO Pageant

The African American Military History Museum will hold Interest Meetings for our Third Annual Miss USO Scholarship Pageant on October 11 at 6 p.m. and October 13 at 10 a.m. at 305 East Sixth Street. The Miss East Sixth Street USO pageant gives young ladies ages 17-24 the opportunity to build self-confidence, enhance communication skills, establish friendships and networks and to give back to the community through servicing local military veterans. The pageant winner will receive a scholarship paid directly to her college to assist with her higher education. The pageant focuses on uplifting young ladies while educating them on service and involvement in honor of the young ladies who volunteered and uplifted the spirits of African American servicemen who visited the East 6th Street USO (now the African American Military History Museum) during WWII while in training at Camp Shelby. The pageant will be held March 22, 2019.

The most rewarding part of the pageant was being able to help others who are less fortunate…but I benefited a lot from the pageant, bonding with the other ladies in the pageant and being able to showcase my talent on stage. The moments from the pageant reminded me to keep believing in myself and take on more challenges throughout life.”  - The reigning Miss USO, Jaclyn Coleman, mass communications graduate student at The University of Southern Mississippi

For more information or to RSVP for interest meeting, please contact Vanessa Molden, or 601.450.1942.

Miss USO Interest 2018-01-F


Aggie PRIDE 1st 9-weeks Field Day Pizza Party

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Aggie PRIDE Field Day

Homecoming Week Theme Days

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Homecoming Week

MDE Announces Changes in Diploma Options

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Mississippi students now have the opportunity to make their high school diploma more valuable. Starting in 2018-19, all 9th graders will choose whether they want to work toward a Traditional Diploma, or take additional classes to earn an academic, distinguished academic or career and technical education endorsement.

Each diploma option will prepare students to be successful after graduation, whether that be in the workforce, a career and technical training program or college. Also, beginning with incoming 9th graders in 2018-19, students who earn an academic or distinguished academic diploma endorsement from a public high school will be accepted into any of the state’s public universities.

Please see the below FAQ document attachment for more information.

Homecoming Corsages

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Students, the Aggie Football Booster Club is selling traditional Homecoming mum corsages.  They are $18 and will be delivered Homecoming Week.  You can order them on Facebook from the Aggie Football page, or you can order from the Hat Shack at the next home football game.  

FCAHS Homecoming Corsage

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