Principal Charles Johnson
Charles B. Johnson

I am excited to be your principal at Forrest County Agricultural High School.  

My first memories of this school involve stories my grandfather told me years ago.  He referred to the school as “Currie Hill” when he attended here beginning the year of 1917 as a freshman.  My father also attended FCAHS and was part of the graduating class of 1943.  I continued that tradition and became a part of the graduating class of 1974.  Since then, all three of my children have received diplomas from this grand institution.  The traditions and values that our school holds dear are extremely important to me. Our uniqueness and diversity make our school one of the best-kept secrets in our nation and state. 

It is my goal to continue the success of our school by preparing young men and women to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  With your continued prayers and support, Forrest County AHS will continue to prepare and inspire future leaders that will make a positive difference in our communities, state, and nation.  

I can truly say “Once an Aggie, always an Aggie."