The deadline to sign up for Virtual Learning for the Spring Semester was December 11th. Should your Virtual needs change, please contact the Principal's office and complete the application here.

Due to the governor’s order of moving back the start date of the 2020-2021 school year from August 10 to August 17 and the need to move to distance learning during the hurricane season, the FCAHS Board of Trustees modified the 2020-2021 school calendar at the November 12 meeting.

The modified calendar is as follows:

Aug. 17, 2020 Students’ First Day

Sept. 7, 2020 Labor Day

Sept. 15, 2020 Distance Learning Day

Oct. 9-12, 2020 Fall Break

Oct. 29, 2020 Distance Learning Day

Oct. 30, 2020 Distance Learning Day

Nov. 23-27, 2020 Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 21, 2020-Jan. 4, 2021 Christmas Break

January 5, 2020 Students and Teachers Return

Jan. 18, 2021 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

Feb. 15, 2021 Presidents’ Day

Mar. 15-19, 2021 Spring Break

Apr. 2-5, 2021 Easter Break

May 26, 2021 Last Day for Students

District Update - August 11, 2020

Forrest County AHS has been working during the last month to create a plan to reopen in August. In order to ensure that every student has the chance to succeed, the Forrest County Agricultural High School Board of Trustees has made the decision to begin the school year as traditionally as possibly with an option for virtual learning. This plan has been developed with guidance from the Mississippi State Department of Health and the Mississippi Department of Education.

It is important to note that any re-start plan set forth during the COVID-19 pandemic is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, federal, state, or local orders.

What parents need to know:

  • FCAHS will follow a hybrid schedule on August 17 and August 18, 2020 for traditional students. 9th and 12th graders will report to campus on Monday, August 17, and 10th and 11th graders will report to campus on Tuesday, August 18. All traditional students will report to campus on Wednesday, August 19, 2020. Attendance policies will be followed as usual.

  • A virtual learning option is available to students. You must have reliable Internet to use the virtual option. If a student chooses the virtual option, he/she will be committed to that option for one semester. Virtual learners will start classes on Monday, August 17, 2020. Virtual learners will be required to follow the school schedule and the school calendar. Attendance will be checked daily, and attendance policies will be followed as usual. All parents/guardians of virtual learners must sign a Virtual Learning Agreement before classes can begin.

  • Our school day will be 7:50-1:25. Some virtual classes will be held during 5th block which will be between 1:30-3:30.

  • Students should not arrive on campus before 7:25 and will report to 1st block upon arrival with the exception of picking up breakfast in the cafeteria on the way to class.

  • Masks/face coverings are REQUIRED for students and staff. Masks/face coverings must be a solid color or must be approved by administration. No slogans will be allowed, and masks/face coverings should be appropriate for the educational environment. Please refer to the FCAHS dress code in the handbook. Masks/face coverings will be treated as any other article of clothing and should not be distracting to the educational process

  • Parents are encouraged to transport their students to school, if possible.

  • Each building will have a traffic flow pattern and social distancing will be followed whenever and wherever possible during the school day.

  • Visitors will not be allowed on campus without an appointment with administration. Visitors will be subject to temperature checks and COVID-19 questions.

  • Breakfast and lunch will be served in a modified fashion with an emphasis on disinfecting and social distancing.

  • Staff will sanitize classrooms, bathrooms, and high traffic areas throughout the day.

  • No large gatherings will be permitted including back-to-school night.

  • Athletic and activity events will follow the MHSAA policies.

  • Parent/teacher conferences will be held via phone or virtually.

  • No field trips will be allowed unless it is a requirement of the program.

  • Students are STRONGLY encouraged to bring their own labelled water bottle (no glass) since water fountains will be disabled.

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located in each building. Parents are encouraged to send personal hand sanitizer with each student for personal use.

  • Staff and students will be temperature checked each morning. Parents/guardians are expected to screen their students for COVID-19 symptoms each morning and keep students at home if they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, especially fever. Staff will monitor students for symptoms throughout the day.

  • FCAHS will continue to follow its normal grading policy for the awarding of credits.


  • FCAHS will be enforcing the Forrest County School District’s requirements for transportation via bus.

    • Masks are MANDATORY on buses for drivers, monitors, and students.

    • Not adhering to the mask requirement will result in expulsion from transportation services.

    • Students will be required to use hand sanitizer as the enter and exit the bus.

    • Students will be separated on the bus where feasible. Siblings or children living in the same household will be seated together.

    • Buses will be loaded from the back forward and unloaded from the front to the back.

    • Buses will be sanitized at the conclusion of each route.

    • When possible, windows will be open to create an environment with as much ventilation as possible.

    • Parents are encouraged to bring students to school and pick them up.

    • Bus Notes will NOT be allowed. Students will not be allowed to change bus routes unless there is a permanent change of address. Changing the mode of transportation from car to bus is not allowed. If an emergency arises, please call the principal.


  • FCAHS will follow guidance of local health experts along with guidance of the Mississippi State Department of Health and the CDC regarding quarantine as related the COVID-19.

  • Parents must report any significant exposure or positive test result to the school administration immediately.

  • FCAHS will notify parents of students who have had close contact with a positive COVID-19 person if the district has been notified of the test result.

  • Students who have tested positive will not be allowed to attend school for 14 days or for the amount of time recommended by health officials. Administration has the option to develop a virtual learning plan for those students.

  • Students will not be allowed to attend school while waiting for the results.

  • FCAHS will follow all guidance from the CDC and the Mississippi State Department of Health and/or local health officials in determining whether an entire classroom and/or school must close due to positive results.


  • Any student not registered as of August 3, 2020, must call the school office 601-582-4741 for an appointment to register before coming to campus.

Approved by the FCAHS Board of Trustees

Please see the For Parents page for additional Covid information.

El plan de regreso a la escuela está escrito en español y se puede encontrar en la sección de documentos en Estudiantes.

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