Ag: Livestock and Pastures

The livestock and pasture component of the school farm at FCAHS is the largest segment of the operation. The school manages a commercial cow-calf operation on campus as a teaching tool for the Ag classes. Currently, 30 head of Angus cross brood cows are maintained, and a Horned Hereford bull is being used as the herd sire. Hay equipment is used to round bale Argentina Bahia and surplus Pensacola Bahia from our pastures. A small flock of Hair Sheep have been added, which are made up of Dorper and Katahdin crosses.

Sheep graze in the pasture at FCAHS

The 320 acres at FCAHS is made of 150 acres of timber land, 50 acres of open pasture, and 30 acres of timber that the cattle have access. The balance is used for non–farm use. The topography to soil type of our land is best suited for timber and pasture land.