FCAHS Network Switch Upgrade 2023-24

Forrest County Agricultural High School (FCAHS) is accepting sealed bids for a network switching upgrade. All bid and technical requirements are available in the attached RFP documentation via the link provided below. If you have questions or comments about the bid process or anything you find in the attached documentation please do not hesitate to contact the FCAHS Director of Technology at either the email address or phone number listed below. Any questions or pertinent comments between the FCAHS technical staff and interested service providers\bidders will be made openly available via this web page for all parties to see. Please check back here regularly while the bid project is open to stay informed of any updates.

FCAHS Network Switch Upgrade 2023-24 RFP

RFP Supporting Document 


Chuck McGee - FCAHS Director of Technology

Phone: 601-554-4140 Ext. 116.