College Visits: Off Campus

Forrest County Agricultural High School College Visit Protocol for Seniors

College visits are a vital component to the college application process. Visiting a college campus allows students to experience firsthand why a college may or may not be the right fit. While students are encouraged to visit colleges on non-attendance days, students will receive a max of 2 excused absences to visit various college campuses. However, in order to attend, the following process must be completed:

    • The student should obtain a College Visit Request Form from their Counselor.
    • The College Visit Request Form must be turned in the guidance office 3 days prior to the planned visit.
    • In order to receive an excused absence, the student must return the completed College Visit Request Form with the College Visit Verification section completed and signed by a staff member of the college admissions office. Failure to submit the College Visitation Verification Form on student first day back to school will result in an unexcused absence.

Parents and students are responsible for college visit arrangements, transportation, finances (i.e. spending money) etc. for events that are not sponsored by FCAHS. Please refer to your Counselor for any additional questions.