College Financial Aid

Grants are awarded based on financial need. They do not have to be repaid.

Loans are typically a significant part of the financial aid that is awarded. Loans must be repaid though often they do not have to be repaid until after a student has graduated or is no longer in school.

Work Study positions might also be available for students. These are part-time jobs that are on campus.


Mississippi offers three aid programs for full-time undergrads.

  • Higher Education Legislative Plan for Needy Students (HELP)

  • Mississippi Resident Tuition Assistance Grant (MTAG)

  • Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant (MESG)

Visit to learn more and apply online by the deadline.

Federal Financial Aid/FAFSA

Complete the FAFSA to apply for Federal Financial Aid. Deadline: October 1 of your senior year.

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and is required to receive any federal funds. Federal funds include need-based and non-need-based grants, work-study programs, and student loans. The FAFSA may also be used for awarding some state aid, institutional aid, and even private scholarships.

You must complete the FAFSA at after October 1 of your senior year. The online application process contains built-in edits to help you prevent costly mistakes. Make sure you meet state grant deadlines and your prospective colleges’ priority deadlines. Check out our list of what documents you need to gather before filing.

Review for accuracy your Student Aid Report (SAR), which is sent to you after you file your FAFSA. If necessary, make and submit corrections. Some schools may require the CSS/Financial Aid Profile® in addition to the FAFSA.

If you have any special circumstances, contact the Financial Aid Office of the school you plan to attend.