Graduation Information

Diploma Options

Mississippi is offering a Traditional Diploma with Endorsement Options (Career and Technical, Academic and Distinguished Academic) for entering 9th-grade students beginning 2018-19 and after. Please view the videos below for more information.

Traditional Diploma

Academic Endorsement

Distinguished Academic Endorsement

Career Technical Endorsement

Early Graduation

Students who wish to graduate in December of their senior year rather than the following May must seek permission to do so. Requests to graduate in December are due in to the counselor by May 1 of the student’s junior year. An application for early graduation should be completed by student and parent or guardian stating the reasons//need for early graduation. If the student has not yet passed all of the required Mississippi Subject Area Test at the time of application, passing scores must be obtained by the end of the student’s junior year. If the student does not obtain passing scores by the end of their junior year, permission for early graduation will be revoked.