Early Release and Late Arrival

Early Release 2019-2020

(There will not be any Late Arrival during the 2019-2020 school year.)

With the realization that many seniors will graduate with numerous credits exceeding the state and the local district’s required number of credits, an early release program is in place for seniors. Parental consent is required and the obligation rests with the student to complete the entire process before the student will be considered for this privilege. Final approval will be determined by the principal.

Qualifications and Policies are set forth as follows:

Students may qualify for EARLY RELEASE/DISMISSAL under the following conditions

    • have completed an application for EARLY RELEASE/DISMISSAL through the counselor’s office

    • be on track for graduation

    • must be enrolled in at least 3 courses (not per term), e.g., US Gov, Eco, and English IV.

    • must meet ACT benchmarks 17 in English and 19 in Math.

    • have successfully passed all Mississippi State Area Testing Program exams

    • have taken and met the ACT college and career readiness benchmarks for each section of the ACT


    • have taken and completed a two year CTE program of study with a score of 60 or above on the CPAS or currently enrolled in the second year of CTE program of study


    • have already begun employment in a career/military related field

Students who are granted DISMISSAL must:

    • leave school property within a reasonable time after their last class (within 5 minutes)

    • students may not return to school property for any reason until after 3:05 p.m. on any given school day unless they are returning for athletic practice, competition, meeting, etc., or have a pass in advance to work with a teacher after school and/or administrator approval.

Students will lose the privilege of having DISMISSAL for the following reasons:

    • A failing grade on a progress report will result in loss of privilege.

    • Out of school suspensions or two (2) major disciplinary infractions may result in loss of the privilege for the remainder of the semester.

If privileges are revoked by administration, students will be scheduled in elective courses.

NOTICE – If students request and are scheduled for Early Release and then due to unforeseen circumstances can’t be released early (e.g., no transportation), students will be scheduled in elective courses.