Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Chromebook will not allow me to get on the internet while off campus.

A: When you leave campus, you must log back into LightSpeed from your current location in order to access the internet. This is the case even if you have already logged into LightSpeed earlier in the day.

1. Connect to your offsite WIFI.

2. Log into Lightspeed. Go to the homepage of the school website, and in the Links section on the right side, click on the link for Web Filter Login and sign into LightSpeed.

If this does not fix the problem, please open a help desk ticket.

Q: The headphone/audio jack isn't working on my Chromebook.

A: The audio jack is probably not enabled.

1. Open the Audio Settings (In the bottom right hand side, click on the "Tray", and next to the Sound Setting, click on the > arrow.)

2. If the Headphone Option does not have a check mark by it, then the audio jack is not enabled and therefore will not work with headphones. Click on it and it will enable the audio jack.

3. Click anywhere outside the options to close the Audio Settings box.

If this does not fix the problem, please open a help desk ticket.

Q: How do I enable students to view a Youtube video?

A: The video will need to be added to the LightSpeed Campus Library. Please download the procedures from the Downloads section at the bottom of this webpage.

Q: Who can help me with my interactive/smart board?

A: Any training, questions or operation of the interactive/smart boards in the classrooms can be directed to our in-house experts:

Promethean –

Interwrite – Mrs. Fortenberry